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Hello and welcome to Ideal Posture! Here, your health matters to us, in fact, when you walk through our doors it’s our number one priority. Our passion is helping people and finding the underlying cause of their health issues in a natural, healthy way without drugs or surgery. This is why you can expect a thorough consultation and comprehensive patient exam with our doctors upon arrival, so we can accurately put together a complete picture of your health history. Through our X-ray studies, postural screenings, and variety of structural and neurological tests we can confidently pinpoint the issue and put together a personalized treatment plan just for you.

The healthcare system is completely out of whack and unfortunately, people only rush to see a health professional when they don’t feel good. We’re here to show you what true healthcare is, and help you understand that it’s all about full-body balance. In terms of your body and its operating systems, we believe in regular tune-ups and on-going maintenance around here. When this happens, your body will run smoothly and efficiently, naturally AVOIDING sickness instead of waiting for it. We help you become proactive, not reactive!

Your wellness goals are our wellness goals and we want to shift your perspective on what good health actually means. Go ahead and check out our services. We’d love to talk about what you want out of life and health and if you’re not sure, we’ll set some goals together. We can’t wait to meet you and get you moving toward optimal health. Your best years are ahead of you – we know it!

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If you’re searching for relief from lower back pain, severe headaches or simply in need of some guidance on living a healthier lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get you where you want to go and more importantly we will help you maintain that life full of good health and vitality through a personal treatment plan – all within a comfortable setting. Drs. Margaret Jackson will meet with you one-on-one concerning your personal needs and health history, and decide how to move forward with our most effective treatment options and services. Each person is unique, so your care plan will be customized to meet your unique health and wellness goals. Let’s get started!