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Q. .why didnt he got killed?fucking bullshit. Blacks are what they are. THEY STOLE THEM FROM AFRICA AND FORCED THEM TO COME YOU DUMB FUCK. You used to slang. If you knew how to read you would have noticed nothing the poster claimed cosby said was true. Also people with 20 million dollars dont hang out in oakland ghettos with guys with guns. She then had a hit put on her because she killed a family and tried to have the kids killed. I don't usually comment on here or anywhere for that Matter. You have to hand it to the "uneducated black man from the hood"{jokes}.. When he tells the whole story, with a begginning middle and conclusion, the public n future authorities will finally see this as the end, having no more questions and the statute of limitations finished they will move on to something else. In addition to Sunday mornings, I remember seeing him at Bridge whenever I happened to be around on a Tuesday. I always thought you were brilliant and you were an excellent teacher. The part at the end where he's driving around the ghetto doing the memory lane bit he says to the camera "I raised all these cats"the two boys he's talking about look at each other and nearly burst out laughing. That's why he or his friends don't have a true baller swag/demeanor. They knew the plan would work.One thing every man should know. Both Rivi and Charles was in on it. Sure he worked with the godmother but all the numbers he gave on how much he was earning, how much she was earning are all bullshit. I know that Charles Crosby and Griselda Blanco loved each other. I seen photos of him and the godmother herself, Griselle Blanco. Dick gave the opinions of others fair hearing, and he presented his... Dear Nonie,I am saddened by your loss of Dick but bolstered by the many happy years you had together. Griselda Blanco: Ordinary Innocent Colombian Grandmother Or Ruthless Bloodthirsty Cocaine Billionaire? Outta these ghetto street (their hometown). The drug gangs in Miami were angered and wanted her gone. Thanks Jackie for having the courage to say what EVERYONE is afraid to say about the'plight' of America's black people. Wow...I see some really racist peoples comments on here...on both sides..I watched it a few times...I believe Charles...but I also believe he had to tell his story to avoid decades in prison.. Charles Anthony Cosby, Just saw Cocaine Cowboys II. Again theres always a non believer.Why wouldnt you think he was lying.When he was piping down the damn connect.My guess is you didnt know much about hustling in those daysX.A couple of thousand was easy to see in day.With a couple of zips.So imagine the money if you had that type if connection.And im sitting here watching this movie .He has three different ppl vouching for him.So where did you se him lying... Justin Genius is not the word I would call this guy but amazing,crazy and stupid. Subscribe or Just take a look at foreign blacks who move to this country and see how well there are progressing with higher education, while the lazy American Ghetto Blacks must bragged of being rich the moment they accrued a few thousands of dollars by illicit and find the need to show off their short-lived 15 minutes of fame. How many white people or other races which were heavy involved with drug trafficking back in the 70s, 80s, 90s and to present day are showing off how much money they have accumulate like Charles Cosby and the other dumb idiot “Freeway Rick” from Los Angeles did ? Thanks for the hell of a story Mr.Crosby I personally enjoyed every minute of it. Charles Cosby describe Pablo Escobar as a street punk in the documentary/film, When in reality Pablo was the head/boss of the Medellin Cartel the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated known net worth of US$30 billion by the early 1990s, and approximately US$100 billion when including money that was buried in different places throughout Colombia. You sitting here nailing the biggest boss of the world who is worth billions and you only walked away with 20? he is smart en thats why he is a gangster becauseHE SURVIVED. You see photos of this young black man kissing Griselda Blanco and you cannot connect the dots on how this man could become the biggest supplier of cocaine in throughout the country. He served from 1988 to 2008 and in 2004, he was also President of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities. I just saw the Biography Channel. Dose the phrase Low-Profile mean anything to you dumb Black Americans? This fool said to much in this movie. Charles Crosby (* 25. Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it! How do you rationalize what you've been a part of, how do you even spend one dollar of your I'll gotten gains without feeling guilt? © 2020 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved, © 2015 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved, 5 Insane Facts About Pablo Escobar's Wealth. Donttrendonme White people didn't help the slaves be free the war wasn't about freeing the slaves the war was about economic slavery and political power you need to check your information before you comment on something you know nothing about. Thanks for the laugh though. Ya its obvious that there was a plan to have a mistrial via banging the laywers staff. That is fucking nonsense. Just found out about Pat's passing. Also the secretary that worked in the Prosecutor off was paid to have sex with Rivi and Charles by Griselda herself. How do you sleep at night? I was on your side once, until I was illegally assaulted and nearly killed by a black cop. Q. He was a Vietnam veteran in the US Army. Where do you think these black drug kingpins get their money from? Rest in Peace my Friend, Thoughts and Prayers at this difficult time. (and most soldiers know him), ^^^^^^^Not to mention he not only survived he didn't snitch either Charles Cosby 100, Lots if Hispanic women are tough and rough Don't mess with Hispanic women Don't under estimate themWe are not loud and stupidU know what I mean ��;)Griselda blanco was living proofThere's more women like her or even worst in the Hispanic culture with deceiving looks hehehehe. It makes you sound extremely ignorant yourself. Hahahaha. Just take a look at foreign blacks who move to this country and see how well there are progressing with higher education, while the lazy American Ghetto Blacks must bragged of being rich the moment they accrued a few thousands of dollars by illicit means, must find the need to show off their short-lived 15 minutes of fame. Pat I will miss our chats . Just finished watching the doc. I look forward to you trying to sue if they use your name! Plus him telling the story to the public allows it to end. In 1999 Sharon Crosby, his wife, passed away. IRS would have had his ass years ago and even if they didnt he wouldnt be talking about it. RIP Griselda! If this woman rocked out; good! Mai 2020 um 13:03 Uhr bearbeitet. Back then there were only landline phones. I'm really disappointed at how Charles made black people look. Wishing u comfort going through your loss. Charles Cosby was non the less a fooking genius. You speak on that show as though you are proud of what you have done with your life. People saying he never snitched but he snitched during the entire documentary he was in. Nonie: i was made aware of Dick's passing this week and wanted to offer my condolences to you. Good luck getting a decent job when you can't write well enough to construct a proper sentence. Dick arrived at The College when we did so we all shared the fun of those early years, including the bridge games! THOSE PROGRAMS ARE A RESULT OF SEGREGATION AND WHITE POWER. Don't be mad bc he had the mouthpiece to knock to her and had a relationship with the most notorious woman drug lord. .....and what are you doing these days Charles, putting things up in your tuckus, no doubt. Charles Crosby besuchte vorbereitende Schulen und das New Lyme Institute in Ohio sowie das Allegheny College in Meadville. Some people cannot use deductive reasoning. I think the last part of your comment says it best, 'dumb black American's' I am glad that Americans are finally opening their eyes to this ridiculous 'black oppression' fantasy that we have been unwillingly guilted into over the past several decades. Many Blessings to the Family and Friends of the loss of Pat. How the fuck you know this man is lieing stop hating and get money like this man use too,thats the problem now people always say why you still hang in the ghetto if you got money shit it is his home so stop hating. Dress it up in any words you want it doesn't matter! Funeral Home Services for Charles are being provided by J. Henry Stuhr Downtown Chapel. In other words; Shut the fuck up you broke bitch! You need to do your history, on Oakland Drug kingpins!!! AND THOSE WELFARE PROGRAMS THAT ARE IN PLACE ARE CREATED TO KEEP THEM IN LOW INCOME AREAS. Dr. Crosby was in a wheelchair at the time, and I wheeled him in while you parked the car. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Charles Crosby anzeigen. Then at the end you said "my country" and I decided to give you a pass on the travesty that is your comment. His advice was instrumental in guiding my career path through Ph.D. to teaching in the computer science department at CofC. I remember his foot slipped and when I realized it, I felt... Nonie - I'm so sorry for your loss. But thank you for making it, it made me laugh and even more glad that I got out of that, went to school and actually do make good money. Why have you chosen to run in this election campaign? Charles A. Crosby, II Nashville - Nashville - age 37, was born on July 18, 1983 to Cheryl Beach and Charles Crosby. You couldn’t put it better because you’re a complete dumbass. lol I just watched "Cocaine Cowboys 2" that guy is so full of shit. REAL gangsters don't make documentaries.He may have a story to tell but him making a documentary tells you all you need about his character. Pablo was bringing in 80 to 100 million a DAY. You blacks have been given more than you deserve, you got it by guilting America into the ridiculous idea that your plight it's due to 'racism', when you people are the biggest racists of all. The ones that are still around to tell a story about it. People need to know how "snitching" doesn't really save you from jail, because when u work with the Feds they will whore your ass out and have you doing shit that you probably would wish you would have took your time. I'm gonna snort a fat line for the godmother! Charles Crosby ist derzeit Vice President and General Manager, Switching Operations bei Railserve. he is lying, im pretty see he is a black american, racism still alive? I look forward to seeing where you get the money, dumb cunt!You were a bitch, unlike the other men that Griselda offed! Nonie,I am so very, very sorry for your loss. But whatever you decide to do, please don't insult people by attempting to convince then that you're some kind of hero our legion. Haha! 1959 wirkte er an dem Album Young Men from Memphis (United Artists) mit, zusammen mit Booker Little, Louis Smith, Frank Strozier, George Coleman, Phineas Newborn, Calvin Newborn und Jamil Nasser. That is the lie and bullshit of it all. Knowing major players; that $ is very very real.... Now; stop running ya mouth because there are still many loyal people to her! (phone/email/website). Charles Crosby passed away on April 28, 2020 at the age of 85 in Charleston, South Carolina. You have clearly profited from your years of drug trafficking and sales. Wished the Godmother would have had a better life before ordered any or committing any killings. I enjoyed being able to see you at Wando and hope that you still have many happy days ahead with your son and many friends. Wow. Charles Cosby subsequently served as the subject for the film, "Cocaine Cowboys II". Why have you chosen to run in this election campaign? Charles is related to Helen E Crosby. I'm watching Cocaine Cowboys 2 right now on youtube. What was most impressive was that in the few times that he proved to be wrong, he admitted it as quickly and openly as he had first proposed his opinion.

What Did Pat Woodell Die From, Ludacris 2004 Songs, European Challenge Cup Fixtures 2019/20, Still Alice On Hulu, Slaughterhouse Rulez Streaming, National League Matches,