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i know this much is true who is the father

It represents a lot of rage-redemption.”. “For all Ray’s faults… I think Dominick also sees the human there, and he comes to accept Ray for who he is. He played both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, A.K.A. Spoiler alert: Bale's character is actually just pretending to be a master magician when really his twin brother is helping pull off the tricks behind the scenes. Armie Hammer - "The Social Network" Who could forget Hammer's turn as another pair of real-life twins? Dominick Birdsey's identical twin, Thomas Birdsey, suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. A.K.A., his alternate personality, Hank. Ok, so not exactly twins, but McAvoy plays Kevin -- and all 23 of his wildly different and terrifying personalities -- in this 2017 horror thriller. And he's way nicer -- and way dorkier -- than Steve. When Rudd's character accidentally gets himself cloned, he decides to let the other version of himself do the heavy lifting in their shared life. Chan plans twins who were separated at birth in this 1992 action-comedy. In this 1988 thriller, Irons plays identical twin gynecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle. So when he finally gets the knowledge of his father, he doesn’t need it anymore — but when he gets it, it changes everything for him. Norton plays twins Brady and Bill in this 2009 comedy. It just comes a time when, I think later in life when people are entering their final chapters, I think a lot of their secrets can come out.”, Also Read: Mark Ruffalo Did '500 Pushups a Day' While Playing Dominick in 'I Know This Much Is True,' Director Says. We sat down and laid out this family tree, and I asked him about the truth of it,” Cianfrance said. Nicolas Cage - "Adaptation" Cage stars opposite himself -- and Meryl Streep -- in this 2002 Spike Jonze film about a struggling screenwriter and his freeloading twin brother. It must not be an easy feat to play your own twin, but a surprising amount of actors have done it. Cianfrance clarified that the Birdsey twins and the Drinkwater twins are cousins because they share a grandfather — Nabby Drinkwater, who worked at the same mill where their maternal grandfather, Domenico Tempesta, was the foreman. Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler - "Big Business". In order to explain why Kudrow had a role on both "Friends" and "Mad About You," which aired back-t0-back on Thursday nights, they did a little crossover in which they had Kudrow's character Ursula the waitress from "Mad About You" come on "Friends" as Phoebe's twin sister. This revelation comes because Dominic's mother gave him a manuscript, the memoir written by this mysterious grandfather. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for I Know This Much Is True, airing Sundays on HBO.. One of the biggest secrets in HBO's I Know This Much Is True has been the identity of the father of the Birdsey twins, Dominick and Thomas (Mark Ruffalo). The sixth and final episode of HBO’s limited series “I Know This Much Is True” aired Sunday, and with it came the surprising reveal of the identity of Dominick and Thomas Birdsey’s biological father. I Know This Much Is True hasn't been shy about punching us in the gut. But despite having just learned the answer to the one question he’s been asking his entire life, by the time Dominick learns the truth,  “he doesn’t need it anymore,” Cianfrance said. The novel takes place in Three Rivers, Connecticut in the early 1990s. From Ralph’s point of view, there was no shame in being connected to this white person, but from [Dominick and Thomas’] mothers and grandfather’s point of view, there was great shame in it. Both sisters are in love with the same man, and they'll go to crazy lengths to sabotage each other. All six episodes of “I Know This Much Is True” are now streaming on HBO. Everything is fine until his wife, and pretty much everyone else in his life, starts liking his clone more than the real him. Simmons plays both versions of Howard Silk from alternate realities in this spy series from Starz, which was tragically canceled after just two seasons. Davis plays twins Margaret DeLorca and Edith Phillips in this 1964 thriller. From Lindsay Lohan in "The Parent Trap" to Paul Rudd in Netflix's "Living With Yourself" to Mark Ruffalo in HBO's new series "I Know This Much Is True" here are 22 stars who have played their own twins, clones, and even split-personalities on TV and in movies. “He said something to the effect that… native people have been ignored and overlooked and not recognized for so long, and that from Ralph’s perspective, he knew the truth about who Dominick was, and he always assumed that Dominick knew too, and Dominick would never talk to him about it, and Dominick always felt better than him. “Before I shot this, I cast Michael Greyeyes as Ralph [Drinkwater], and really asked him about representation in cinema. The big pay-off comes too late for Thomas, whose unexpected death by drowning at the Falls is ruled accidental. Ray finally opens up during the nursing home scene, telling Dominick that his father was a Korean War veteran named Henry Drinkwater. “One of the reasons he probably held that secret for so many years was, one, because the mother never wanted the kids to know — because she thought they would hate her for it,” he said. “I think he understands that he’s not going to lose Dominick, and that he loves Dominick and Dominick deserves to know. Mark Ruffalo - "I Know This Much Is True" He plays twins Dominick and Thomas Birdsey in the HBO series, the latter of whom is schizophrenic. Bill, believing Brady is dead, goes to Oklahoma -- only to get roped into Brady's drug-dealing scheme. Sections. “At that point in the story, I think Dominick has resigned himself that he’s never going to know who his father is,” he said. “She was raised with this idea by her father that what she was doing was terrible and a sin, and yet she loved this guy Henry and she kept it a secret from her father and from everyone, and she made Ray promise not to tell.”, Also Read: Mark Ruffalo Talks Playing Twins on 'I Know This Much Is True,' Taking 6 Weeks Off to Gain 30 Pounds Between Parts. Plus Paul Rudd, JK Simmons, Edward Norton, and many more, Before I shot this, I cast Michael Greyeyes as Ralph [Drinkwater], and, Mark Ruffalo Did '500 Pushups a Day' While Playing Dominick in 'I Know This Much Is True,' Director Says, Let Gal Gadot, Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig and More Sing 'Imagine' to Help You Forget Coronavirus (Video), Mark Ruffalo Talks Playing Twins on 'I Know This Much Is True,' Taking 6 Weeks Off to Gain 30 Pounds Between Parts, WarnerMedia Retires HBO Go, Rebrands HBO Now in Wake of HBO Max Launch, Bob Greenblatt Says Taking Down ‘Gone With the Wind’ From HBO Max Was ‘No-Brainer’ Without Proper Context, ‘Love Life’ Renewed for Season 2 at HBO Max, Anna Kendrick’s Darby to ‘Appear Occasionally’. "The Winklevii," in this 2010 drama starring Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Tom Hardy - "Legend" Hardy plays a pair of famous, real-life English gangster twins, Reggie and Ronnie Kray, in this 2015 crime drama. I think its a gift. SEARCH. And that’s why it was a secret.”. Ralph didn’t feel seen by Dominick. It haunted them all their lives, but less so for Thomas as he was in and out of mental institutions for his paranoid schizophrenia. Also Read: Let Gal Gadot, Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig and More Sing 'Imagine' to Help You Forget Coronavirus (Video). Bale plays a magician with a big secret. Okay, so this isn't exactly a by-the-book twin situation, but it's like he has an evil twin in the same body. All hail, then, Mark Ruffalo in the new, 90s-set HBO drama I Know This Much Is True on Sky Atlantic, in which he plays the 40-year-old twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. “It changes everything for him,” Derek Cianfrance says of Mark Ruffalo’s Dominick Birdsey, Derek Cianfrance (Left) and Mark Ruffalo (Right) on set of HBO's "I Know This Much Is True", Warning: This post contains spoilers about the series finale of HBO’s “I Know This Much Is True.”. The HBO mini-series “I Know This Much Is True” is a tale of twins who set a high bar for tragedy. "I Know This Much is True" flows back and forth in time, even going back decades to show what exactly happened with the Sicilian grandfather (Simone Coppo), and the family legacy passed on down to the brothers. But lucky for Marsden, he never has do scenes where both twins are in the same room because Steve is, you know... dead. TheWrap spoke with writer and director Derek Cianfrance, who adapted the screenplay from Wally Lamb’s novel, to learn more about Henry Drinkwater — and why their stepfather, Ray, continued to keep him a secret from them, even years after their mother had died. ‘I Know This Much Is True’ Director on the Twins’ Biological Father – and Why He Was Kept Secret “It changes everything for him,” Derek Cianfrance says of Mark Ruffalo’s Dominick Birdsey That rules out his biggest fear — that he and his brother might have been born of incest between his abusive grandfather and his mother, Concettina — and also makes Dominick realizes that he’s been cousins with fellow twins Ralph and Penny Ann Drinkwater this entire time. Thinking he is making a sacrificial protest that will stop the Gulf War, Thomas cuts off his own hand while at a public library. Doug decides to clone himself not once but four times in order to get more things done between his job and his family life. Dominick sees him through the ensuing decision not to attempt to reattach the hand, … He opened up about why Ray felt compelled to keep their mother’s secret for so long. Lindsay Lohan - "The Parent Trap," "I Know Who Killed Me" Pretty much everyone is familiar with Lohan's iconic role in 'The Parent Trap' remake, but few are familiar with her much more grown-up, darker role in this 2007 psychological thriller in which her she plays two very different versions of a girl named Aubrey Fleming. The comedian dressed up as the female version of himself for this 2011 comedy about a twin sister who comes to stay with her brother's family. Maslany plays several different clones in this BBC America series, including Alison Hendricks, Sarah Manning, and Helena. Spoiler alert: In this 2018 dark comedic thriller, Lively's character kills her twin sister by drowning her in a lake. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen Season 2: Steve has an identical twin named Ben. Leonardo DiCaprio - "The Man in the Iron Mask", Leo plays both King Louis XIV and his villainous brother, Philippe, in this 1998 film based on the story of "The Three Muskateers.". To make it even more confusing, both sets of twins have the same names. However, viewers are given a quick visual cue that the truth, like so much of this story, may not be so innocent — thanks to a brief shot of his socks and shoes neatly folded on a nearby rock. With medication, Thomas is able to live his life in relative peace and work at a coffee stand, but occasionally, he has severe episodes of his illness. Tomlin and Midler play two sets of identical twins who are separated at birth and swapped, so they grew up believing they're actually fraternal twins from different families.

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