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You can find sources for all the items in this dining room here. And you can stack most of our stools away or just push them under the table when it’s time to show off your latest dance moves. Feel free to print it to have with you while you’re building! Next, you’ll want to install some pretty floor trim underneath your toe-kick area. In addition, Bionic Man added a slight lip to the upper front of the drawer base, so that the cushion we’d eventually have there wouldn’t slip or slide off easily. One of my kids has a window seat already, but I haven’t really known how to approach the foam bench. There is a link in the materials section to the exact ones, but they’re the over-fridge cabinets from IKEA! She came to visit and made our cushion. With our method shown below, the IKEA cabinets are 15″ tall, so we added 3.5″ (1×4 on edge) underneath to get to the 18.5″. This isn’t the only way we’ve used Ikea products to add storage and style to our California Cottage. Things are starting to take shape. RELATED: 15 EASY DIY HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS. I’ll be honest, my husband did the upholstering for this project. . March 6, 2015 Clare Marie Coglan-Vörös Reply. I’d encourage you to take some time to think through these dimensions based on your space before you get started on your window seat DIY project. Not the fun smashing “demo-day” you see on TV, sorry. Back in 2013, when we purchased this home, the former homeowners were using this corner as an informal dining area. There’s a more formal dining area in the front room, but this is the spot closest to the kitchen where there was room for a table that would seat more than 1.75 persons or be directly in front of an exterior door. Add another piece of 2″x3″ for the bottom shelf to rest on. Do it!! I'm Rachel Joy - a DIY and coffee addict obsessed with all things home. This is likely against building code, but it actually is under less clutter and stress than the average power bar, so we’re not worried. And even if we never used it as banquette seating, I’d always wanted to own a home with a window seat. I am a HUGE fan of having window seats in a home. Benches seat more people and ours are designed to match our tables in size and style. . Love this tutorial and your decorating is so great! Cut a length of MDF for the front edge/ kickplate. There’s also a clickable link in the printable section of the instructions! Lots to cover here, but most of it is the straightforward and the pictures say most of it. ). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible experience. I also placed a small side table (actually technically a plant stand) next to ours for setting down drinks, books, phones, etc. Then install support runners every 12″ or so. The IKEA cabinets come in 30″ and 36″ widths, so if you’re installing between two cabinets or with wall/cabinet on the sides, you’ll need to get as many as you can based on that fixed width. I love this. Before I tell you all about how we DIYed this window seat using components of the Ikea Stolmen closet system, let me tell you how a window seat ended up in this spot to begin with. My daughter absolutely loooooooves her window seat. I had a little nook like this when I was a kid and absolutely loved playing and reading in there. Now drawers are super handy to have – but they are also super tricky to build  – especially when you’re a beginner. Basically, we cut this high-density upholstery foam down to the right size. . My other daughter really wants a window seat as well. It is held in place by the wood back frame on the shelf section with two small screws that are near the top and invisible when the books are in place. Secure the bottom shelf by predrilling and screwing through from the inside of drawer units. We chose to avoid moving the floor duct by moving the MALMs back a bit. You might! Your question about the seat depth is a great one – I'm going to edit the post to share that! Once the upholstered seat was done, we simply installed it on top and then screwed it into place from underneath inside a few of the cabinets! The first thing you need to do is build a base for your seat. Turn the top back over, cover your batting with fabric, turn over the top and staple in place on the bottom. What isn’t beyond our skill set? You’ll want to center your cabinets, so take the gap and divide by 2 to get the size of spacer trim you’ll need to install on each side. What really sealed the deal was the realization that if we installed a window seat there, not only could we use it for extra seating, we could use it for extra storage, too. Read our full disclosure statement here. This meant that once it was stuffed into the cover she made, the cushion would be really, really dense and wouldn’t slide around on the seat at all. No Space for a Mudroom? . We’re so happy with the way the window seat turned out! If you have a wiring issue (like you see here with the wall outlet being hidden under the seat), make a decision. HOW TO DECLUTTER AND ORGANIZE A CLOSET IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS, HOW TO BUILD A DIY WEST ELM INSPIRED HEADBOARD, HOW TO BUILD A DIY RECLAIMED WOOD SOFA TABLE, Easter Brunch Tablescape with Affordable Decor, How to Install a Cement Tile Accent Wall DIY Tutorial. You can get the cabinets here. The kids and I assembled the drawers while Bionic Man was on a business trip. We were daunted. If you’re installing this bench on its own (without anything on either side of it) then you can skip the spacers. You want your window seat to be at least as wide as your window. We actually find built-ins to be easier than free standing furniture – and you've tackled that! Inspired by this project at Centsational Girl, we took ourselves to Ikea to purchase some cabinets that we could turn into a window seat. Not only do they give you a spot to relax, but they can provide large amounts of storage at the same time. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to … . Thanks for your comment. See those drawers? When we found a big, beautiful table for that area, I decided that we’d use the formal dining area as our primary family dining spot. Your instructions seem pretty easy! This should be as wide as your overall window seat and 20" deep (to allow for a 4" toe kick) with support runners ever 12" or so. I feel like just about every house has a spot to squeeze one in, and if you’ve got a boring wall with a window on it, then I say do it! Lastly, the middle shelf is a piece of MDF, cut to size and finished with a veneer edge. Go for it! Cut a piece of 3/4" plywood and 3" high-density foam to fit over the entire window seat. There’s a bar in the kitchen that we can use for quick snacks or when only one or two of us are eating. Measure the full width of your window seat and decide how many 30″ or 36″ cabinets will be best for your space. Their smooth face has no knobs or pulls – so there’s nothing to scratch a calf or catch a pant leg when climbing up and down. We used canvas dropcloths for the fabric, since they were cheap, durable, and they match my wall color really well. He added pieces of wood along the edges that touched the wall and floors so that there wouldn’t be any gaps. It’s behind our couch, which kind of creates a neat little separate seating area back there. Hi Nomiki! That was quite an undertaking, but you really hit all the details.

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