Osaka’s history comes in the form of places such as the world heritage site of Koyasan, a Buddhist Temple, and the Osaka Castle with its adjoining park, while by contrast the lively street of Dotonbori is full of neon signs and is perfect to visit at night.
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  • Running low toe settings helps in sustained cornering situations, of which there are plenty at Suzuka. Suzuka itself is a small town where the circuit is the main draw.
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  • For the suspension itself, a relatively soft 2-3 gives your car enough responsiveness in the corners without the car becoming twitchy and unpredictable.
    For this reason it has been decided, in consultation with Mobilityland, that the Motul Grand Prix of Japan cannot be held in 2020. Administrator; Administrators; 623 24 2,345 posts; Location Devon; Report; Share ; Posted July 1. For this reason, the FIM and Dorna, in consultation with IRTA and MSMA, have decided that, until mid-November, MotoGP™ will remain in Europe to do as many European MotoGP™ events as we are able to. [ENG]. Team: Mercedes.