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It did kind of seem like that’s what Kelvin was implying. He is portrayed by actor Adam Devine. The Kelvin-Dot story is great, and gives us some insight into how Kelvin views himself and his family, but it’s undeniably more interesting to see Amber start questioning her husband’s behavior with renewed scepticism after a series of leaked emails and the high speed chase. Juggles so much plot and character work you'll be surprised it's only 30 or so minutes long, Tony Cavalero continues to do excellent character work, An interesting juxtaposition of party lifestyles and where it gets you. Their interaction and emotion, plus the imagery of them being submerged in milky white fluid with Keefe wearing a full body suit that exposes his penis. While Keefe has moved on to a simpler and innocent lifestyle, Jesse's partying ways continue to hang over him, ready to end everything he's built in his life. Keefe walks down the street eating an ice cream cone, which is a delightful and weirdly funny sight on its own. Keefe got fired for kelvin. Learn more about Keefe Chambers - The Righteous Gemstones - The Official Website for the HBO Series from The Righteous Gemstones | Official Website of the HBO Series | HBO on HBO. But the finale with Kelvin saving him gave me strong gay vibes. © 2011 - 2020 AIPT, LLC. Star Wars series, The Righteous Gemstones. The Gemstones work because everyone is sold on an identity, told to stick to a role and not deviate. After three straight episodes of The Righteous Gemstones putting the pedal to the floor, “Wicked Lips” feels like a necessary pause in the action. I don't think so just because that's a pretty big thing to have happened offscreen (and we've seen them alone together enough that it'd be weird they haven't mentioned it). Either that or Keefe is literally gonna see him as a Messiah and start a cult devoted to him. He’s not nearly as sinister as Jesse, who ends the episode chasing down the van of his blackmailers, and unknowingly almost killing his son when the chase causes the van to roll. Press J to jump to the feed. I think keefe likes Kelvin but Kelvin parades keefe as the soul he "saved". The Righteous Gemstones is a stacked cast, but Keefe is a fascinating character because he’s someone who’s truly been saved by the Gemstones. Kyle Fowle is a freelance writer based out of Canada. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RighteousGemstones community, Continue browsing in r/RighteousGemstones. Follows a world-famous televangelist family with a … Goodman has had moments to shine in the show, revealing Eli Gemstone’s deep rage and courage, but for the most part, he’s been very sad and off to the side, allowing Kelvin and Jesse to meddle with their side projects. All 34 songs from THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, w/ scene descriptions, broken down by episode. There’s a lot of promise in that final scene. Well sexual in a pubescent kind of way cuz they're so awkward. I was recently pondering why Tony Cavalero gets top billing with the main cast since he seems like a supporting character, but episode 4 cleared that up completely. I think in one episodes he talks about how keefe was what he had to show for his efforts as a youth pastor. News series, The Righteous Gemstones. He truly believes in his family’s purpose, he believes in his abilities as a youth minister, and he goes full bore with attempting to get the daughter, Dot, to come to youth group and maybe dump her boyfriend. Amber’s role is to not question her husband, no matter what. Television, Television The episode largely plays it straight, with Kelvin proving to be the most innocent of the Gemstones. 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Kelvin Gemstone is one of the main characters in the T.V. Search, discover and share your favorite Righteous Gemstones GIFs. There’s aerial shots, quick cuts, tracking shots; it’s like the setup for a heist film—which it kind of is—showing us the goods that Gideon wants to steal while also giving us a peak at the sheer size of the Gemstones’ operation. One of the beauties of this show, which is a carryover from the previous creators’ HBO show, Vice Principals, is how it manages to pack efficient plotting and exposition into the humor and character work. News Then the episode jumps to Kelvin’s storyline, which involves him being put in charge of “saving” a wealthy donor’s daughter from her bad influence of a boyfriend. How great is Adam DeVine? • Danny McBride as Jesse Gemstone, Eli's oldest son and associate pastor of the Gemstone Salvation Center. By the end of the episode, we see who he was prior to pledging allegiance to Kelvin and the Gemstones and you’ll have a newfound respect for him thanks to Cavalero’s great acting. But who knows what might have changed by the end of the finale. -Jeff Bridges. All rights reserved. It’s another example of how the Gemstone family appears idealistic, but deep down they’re worse than Keefe’s friends who are stereotypes of a bad crowd. All of our TV reviews in one convenient place. But the finale with Kelvin saving him gave me strong gay vibes. Part of that is how Keefe’s old friends are like some kind of band of vampires depicted in otherworldly ways and it’s clear Keefe was once just like them. If I were to find fault in the episode, it’s the lack of Edi Patterson and John Goodman, who appear in only one short scene. Jesse continues to bully and chastise his friends who all seem perfectly innocent, especially since Jesse is the one instigating the immoral behavior. Although appearing to be a faithful father and husband, Jesse barely conceals a crude and arrogant personality and a debaucherous lifestyle, which he often partakes in with his "gang" of friends and subordinates. Marvel reveals ‘King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes’ for January 2021. TV Reviews, Star Wars I got that vibe too, I wasn’t sure if he was admitted to being asexual or trying to downplay his lack of experience with the ladies as a lack of interest. It’s a great scene not only because it leans into that sensory-punishing maximalist style that Danny McBride and Jody Hill occasionally indulge, but also because Keefe is one of the show’s more interesting characters. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Nzingha Shakur Siblings, Daniel Wolf Anna Maria Horsford, City Of Darkness Revisited, Anthony Bourdain Movie, Douchebag Synonym, Beech Mountain Hiking Trails, Rotten Tomatoes Search By Audience Score, Liverpool Fc Vs Crystal Palace Prediction,