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titan fighting championships joe kelly

Since July 2015, Titan FC events are broadcast on the UFC online streaming service UFC Fight Pass, which also showcases a library of the organization's previous events. It's exciting.". Ariston Franca at Titan FC 54 on April 26, 2019 ", In an effort to resolve the dispute, Aronson and Kelly allegedly agreed to a confidential settlement on May 1, 2014 whereby Aronson would place $25,000 into a trust account to be held until Kelly delivered the fighting cage and all necessary equipment for what they called the "C-3 Event" (which appears to be Titan FC 28) to be held in Oklahoma on May 16. Kelly would be a 20% owner of the new Titan FC, with Aronson controlling the remaining 80%. 4. def. Follow him @MMAanalytics. To date, while Titan FC made the $25,000 payment, and despite repeated demands, neither Titan Entertainment nor Kelly has caused to be delivered to Titan FC in Florida the Media Library. [1], Titan Fighting Championships was founded in 2005 by veteran fight promoter and, at the time, Bellator Fighting Championships' director of operations, Joe Kelly. I decided about a year ago that I had had enough. White on infamous Jones story: ‘They don’t test for marijuana’. Upon the law firm's receipt of the Initial Payment, Kelly will also deliver to Titan FC, LLC all other assets per the Asset Purchase Agreement including, but not limited to, contacts and sponsor information as attached hereto, While not explicitly mentioned above, Titan FC claims in its complaint that "one of the ‘assets' Kelly promised to deliver to Titan FC under the terms of the Settlement Agreement was the Media Library, which had previously never been delivered. The media library must have some value for Titan to spend time and money suing over it, and the possibility certainly exists that the ongoing dispute somehow created problems at Titan. This led to the decision to cancel the event since he's the one that funds the operation and makes sure everything's in the right place logistically. ", Before Kelly takes the show on the road, though, Titan returns to Memorial Hall for Titan FC 17. ... You never know. 20, 2015, an event which ended up as Titan FC 33. He's an exciting one to watch. I was looking around at different promotions and seeing what was going on in the business of MMA. If we were to expand, they would be in strategic areas where we also have an advantage, whether we have other members of our team that live in that area or I have past relations from the boxing world ... so we'll always grow at a slow, measured pace but we will grow.". "Then a rising star like Bobby Lashley that has amazing crossover appeal from his days in WWE and TNA. But this explanation didn't answer questions as much as create new ones. Caio Uruguai at Titan FC 52 on January 25, 2019 Follow us on - Twitter: @titanfighting Instagram: @titanfighting Periscope: @titanfighting One only needs to recall how the UFC's Chief Content Officer, Marshall Zelaznik, reacted a few months ago upon learning of a legal dispute during negotiations to put World Series of Fighting (WSOF) content on Fight Pass. Might it have considered terminating their Fight Pass deal or reducing contractual payments while the complete library is unavailable? Three judges score each round with the winner of each round getting 10 points while the loser gets 9 points or less. 2. def. Steven Siler at Titan FC 37 on March 4, 2016 ", The key asset in dispute is the Titan Fighting Championship Media Library which Titan FC claims was never delivered. White on infamous Jones story: ‘They don’t test for marijuana’. In the world of sports properties, $128,000 is a pittance. Titan FC 33 took place on March 20, 2015, in Mobile, Alabama at the Mobile AeroFest music and art festival, a two-day-long not-for-profit event designed to raise money to support injured U.S. military service members and veterans. The ten-point must scoring system is in effect for all bouts in Titan. Kelly … Memorial Hall was exclusively leased to Kelly's sports and entertainment promotion company Titan Entertainment, from which the MMA organization took its name.

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