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where is boddingtons brewed

"We are delighted that Interbrew is developing its Magor site and look forward to working with them to achieve this.". Franny Joyce of the Transport and General Workers' Union said Boddington's was known the world over as The Cream of Manchester and it was an insult to brew it elsewhere. In 1981, the same newspaper commented, "Now it doesn't care where it produces it.". Earned the God Save the Queen (Level 12) badge! By 1986 they had 580 tied pubs and were producing over 500,000 barrels a year (while only maintaining a 50% capacity at the brewery). Last year we completed a redesign and pack refresh. Cask production at the Marston brewery in Burton-Upon-Trent is thriving. Enter your details below to recieve weekly updates and opportunities. An authentic English Cream Ale that pours with an initial clouding that clears slowly to produce a unique, pale golden colour and thick creamy head, thus its’ name Cream of Manchester. Earned the Bar Explorer (Level 78) badge! Score: 74 with 3,010 ratings and reviews. These Welsh women just became Britain's strongest couple, “There must be so many people out there who are looking for something to achieve that they don’t know that they’re capable of”, 'My boss claimed furlough money as if he was paying me even though I'd left', Brewmonster claimed furlough against wages of over £10,000 for an employee who left the company before the scheme started, Leaked letter suggests 'fire break' lockdown in Wales would last 17 days, According to the letter the lockdown will be similar in nature to the one put in place in March, An unusual battle rages in a tourist town riven by the arrival of an asylum seeker camp, Police, protesters and counter-protesters play out a daily ritual outside the Penally asylum seeker camp on the outskirts of Tenby, Murder investigation launched after death of woman in Caerphilly, Police were called to an address in the town just after midnight on Sunday. Earned the Beer of the World (Level 6) badge! But the shift for the yellow-labelled beer, which helped launch Manchester's name worldwide and won acclaim for fun adverts featuring ice cream, gondolas and cows, has been condemned in its home city. Stewart Gilliland, chief executive of Interbrew UK and Ireland, however, defended the decision. "Going forward, these changes will enable Boddington's Brewery to concentrate on its strengths - building on its heritage as a cask ale brewery, it will operate as our centre for cask ale brewing and the focus will be very much on developing the Boddington's brand as a quality northern ale which is synonymous with Manchester," said Mr Gilliland. Get the biggest stories sent straight to your inbox. Score: 74 with 3,010 ratings and reviews. The path to any substantial legacy here is a little rockier, and seems to have gone out with a whimper. The beer that, after the 90s ad campaign, became affectionately known as the Cream of Manchester. Earned the Drinking Socially (2020) (Level 3) badge! It has a creamy, malty and slightly sweet flavor and features a clean, pleasant aftertaste. Built by Tigerfish. There are a number of things that come to mind when you think of the great symbols of Manchester. It was promoted as The Cream of Manchester from the late 1980s until 2004, shortly before the Manchester brewery closed with production moving to Magor in South Wales and Salmesbury, Lancashire. The decision to shift the emphasis at the Boddington's Brewery to traditional, high-quality cask ale production follows the outcome of a capacity review of Interbrew's manufacturing facilities throughout western Europe. That’s because Boddingtons is a pretty low ABV brew, bubbling in at thoroughly sessionable 3.9%. The Samlesbury brewery in Lancashire was built in 1972 and is the second largest AB InBev brewery in the UK. (Level 3) badge! 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